4. Let’s Get Spooky!

With Samhain and Halloween just around the corner, the show is going full on spooky this episode. Joining me again is Lee Bradford, and we spend the whole show talking about ghost stories, personal experiences, liminal spaces, murder, and so much more.

This episode is also over an hour long, so strap in for this deluxe, extra podcasty edition of the show!

Music: “The Man With One Eye” (Trae Dorn), “The Spoopiest Organ” (Trae Dorn), “Fitts” (Trae Dorn), “Faster” (Trae Dorn), “The Quest of Alomar/Open Skies” (Trae Dorn), “Liminality” (Trae Dorn), “CAmFG” (Trae Dorn), “Roommate” (Trae Dorn), “So I Said It” (Trae Dorn), “Darkness Rises” (Trae Dorn)

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