3. The History of Wicca

On this episode Trae digs deep into the history of Wicca, and tries to give the most accurate history of the religion as he can. I mean, yeah, we know this is a general Witchcraft podcast, but Wicca is the most widely practiced form of Witchcraft in the US, UK, Canada and Australia… so how it got started is kind of important for the modern Witchcraft movement.

And trust me, there aren’t any pulled punches here.

Music: “The Man With One Eye” (Trae Dorn), “Meteor” (Trae Dorn), “Bricket Wood/Crowley’s a Jackass” (Trae Dorn), “Fifth Avenue Stroll” (Stock Music), “Should Have Never” (Trae Dorn), “So I Said It” (Trae Dorn)

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