28. Let’s Get SPOOKIER!

It’s Halloween. Like, literally. And like every other October episode on the BS-Free Witchcraft podcast, that means we’re talking about personal ghost experiences. Joining me this episode (from all around the Nerd & Tie Podcast Network) are Gen Prock (from The Nerd & Tie Podcast and Stormwood & Associates), Cris Sass-Council (from Let’s Be Legendary), and unsurprisingly Bree NicGarran (from Hex Positive). This jam-packed episode is the longest one we’ve done, coming in at just over two and a half hours long.

It’s super sized, super spooky, and super fun.

(And, of course, don’t forget this show is part of the Nerd & Tie Network, and funded by listeners like you via Patreon.)

Music: “So I Said It,” “The Man With One Eye,” “Untitled Nonsense” (Trae Dorn) / “Jaracanda,” Random Loops (Apple Music Library)

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