24. The Craft (1996)

It’s strange to think that a 90s teenage horror/urban fantasy film would be massively culturally important to the modern witchcraft movement, but for a generation of witches that’s exactly what The Craft is. In this super long episode of the podcast (seriously — it’s almost an hour and a half), I sit down with Hex Positive‘s Bree NicGarran for a chat about the film. We tackle the themes, plot, and cultural impact of this movie, along with some fun tangents along the way.

Buckle up, because one of these times the light’s not gonna be green.

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Music: “My (Broken) Heart,” “The Man With One Eye,” “Untitled Nonsense” (Trae Dorn) / “Tour Bus,” “Jaracanda,” “Shetland” (Apple Stock Music)

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